5 Tips for Keeping Your Gums Looking and Feeling Great

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Unless you’re looking forward to a future of wearing dentures in Roxborough, maintaining and improving the health of your gums is a must. Unfortunately, many people have a tendency to overlook their gums when it comes to protecting their oral health and instead focus on achieving a brilliantly bright smile instead. However, healthy teeth need…

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Get a Healthier Smile with Invisalign


As an orthodontist in Roxborough, our team at Roxborough Family Dental knows the difference a healthier, better-looking smile can make in our patient’s lives. When you have the ability to smile with confidence you unlock the potential to achieve all of your personal and professional goals. With Invisalign, our orthodontist in Roxborough can quickly and…

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Start 2021 Off With the Right Oral Hygiene Habits

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When it comes to family dental care in Roxborough, Colorado, Drs. Gordon, Matheson, and Niepraschk believe that the new year offers patients the perfect time to restart their oral hygiene habits and recommit to enjoying a healthy, great-looking smile. By now, most of our patients know about the connection that exists linking their oral and…

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What Your Bad Breath Could Really Mean for Your Health

At our cosmetic dentistry in Roxborough

At our cosmetic dentistry in Roxborough, we regularly hear from patients who want the brightest, healthiest looking smiles possible. Of course, no matter how straight your teeth or brightly your smile shines, frequent bouts of bad breath can seriously undermine your confidence. Bad breath, or halitosis, affects nearly 50 percent of adults in the U.S.…

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Tips for Dealing With Mask Mouth

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Only during such a crazy and unexpected time as 2020 would a term like “mask mouth” enter our collective vocabulary. If you somehow haven’t heard the term before, mask mouth refers to smelling one’s own breath when wearing a mask. Since activities like visiting the grocery store or your Roxborough family dentist now necessitate wearing…

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